Post Flooding - Back To Normal In Just Hours

3 men removing a 200-meter barrier section (480.000 kg when filled) in just a few hours!  Imagine the resources needed if this was sand bags…? Compared to sandbags and big bags – the NoFloods Barriers has proven its efficiency and reliability over and over during several storm surges. Within the first 14 days of 2019, the barriers were deploye...
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Køge Municipality Flood Protection Training And Certification

​ We recently trained and certified Køge Municipality on how to effectively and efficiently deploy their newly acquired NoFloods Watertubes , Flexwall Barriers and pumping equipment, at the Køge Marina North Beach, on Wednesday 25th October 2017. The presence of rain and strong winds provided the perfect environment for realistic training since our...
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Elena Soafia
08 November 2017
Today we had a successful demonstration of our main flood prevention products in Zagreb, Croatia. They included:​​NoFloods TwinTube 60cmNoFloods 125cm PRO tubesOur new Fl...