Flanders And Wallonia Meet NoFloods Barriers - We Got Towed!

We concluded last week's tour with three successful demos in Brasschaat, Aywaille and Baronville in Belgium, but it didn't come easy- we had to fight against all odds to make it happen!

We Had A "Van Breakdown" & Got Towed

We were heading north into Belgium from Thourotte in France when our van's water pump broke down, forcing us to have it towed to the nearest auto repair shop in the French countryside (it was far from any train station or airport).

Things seemed to take a turn for the worst when we arrived at the repair shop only to discover there wasn't a spare water pump available, and attempts to rent a van proved futile.

We were certainly at our wits' end and we had to make a choice – cancel one or all of the demos so meticulously planned through many months. Both options meant we would disappoint some of our partners and attendees, but it seemed to be a bitter pill we would all have to swallow.

But thanks to a stroke of luck, we got wind that our Dutch partner had a spare demo kit in their van, so one of our team members rushed to Holland and drove their van south into Belgium, managing to arrive on time and keep our promise.

Day 1 Of Our Belgium Tour: Brasschaat, Flanders, Belgium

On 13th June we held a demo in Brasschaat, a Belgian Municipality close to Antwerp.

The local Operational Unit of the Civil Protection had requested to see a live demo of the NoFloods Barriers as part of their conscious effort in considering new and innovative products to protect the local environment from flooding. Representatives from the city of Antwerp were also present.

Although Brasschaat isn't particularly affected by flooding, their Operational Unit often intervenes in the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg during such disaster.

Antwerp is located in a particularly vulnerable area along the Scheldt River that narrows up near the city- it has in the past suffered from pluvial flooding.

Limburg on the other hand is often hit by flooding caused by river Meuse and persistent rainfall. Sandbags are still used throughout the city but problems related to their use amplifies the need for better flood protection solutions.

You can see how things went in the gallery below. 

Day 2 Of Our Belgium Tour: Caserne d'Aywaille, Wallonia 

Past flooding in the area

On 14th June we held our demo in Caserne d'Aywaille, Wallonia.

The local fire brigade had requested to see a demo of how our flood protection solutions might help to ease their work and increase their efficiency during flooding.

Constructive comments from the attendees showed good prospects for continued dialogue regarding how we might assist the local fire department to strengthen their emergency response capability.

The simplicity in handling the different parts of the barrier alongside its easy and fast deployment, were some of the highlighted benefits during a lively Q&A session.

Some participants also expressed interest in our new and innovative Flex Wall – it's simple concept and flexibility makes it ideal for multiple applications during flooding.

You can see how things went in the gallery below. 

Day 3 Of Our Belgium Tour: Poste de Dinant, Wallonia

On 15th June we held our demo in Dinant, a city and municipality in Wallonia, beautifully situated on the river Maas in the province of Nammur, Belgium.

Here again, the local fire fighters had shown great interest in what our equipment can do for them during flooding.

You can see how things went in the gallery below. 

Recap Of Our Belgium Demo Tour

Flooding is a major problem that affects many cities in Belgium and we hope that this is going to mark the beginning of a successful cooperation with the various Emergency Departments of the state.  

Back In France – Successful Flood Protection Demos...
NoFloods Demo "Tour de France" Kicks Off

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Monday, 08 March 2021

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