Back In France – Successful Flood Protection Demos In Provence

Our Flood Protection Demo Kicked Off In SABA

​We were back in France, south this time in the beautiful region of Provence. The French public entity of SABA (Syndicat d'Aménagement du Bassin de l'Arc) had requested a demonstration of the abilities of our flood protection barriers (NoFlood Barriers) and we heeded the call.

SABA has over the years gained extensive experience in managing floods and aquatic environments, and they use their expertise to advise member municipalities on how best to manage flooding in the affected areas.

Having deployed all our demo equipment single-handedly in 35 °C temperature under the Mediterranean sun, Stevan, our demo instructor, enjoys a minute of relaxation after the presentation, lying down on our Alu Barrier in the cool shadow under the plane trees :)

The demonstration was held on June 19th 2018.

Then It Was Off To Aix-en-Provence For Our Final Flood Protection Demo In France

The following day our team went to Aix-en-Provence, a city with roots in Roman times and one of the larger urban centers in the area.

The risk management department of the city had requested a demo of our flood protection barriers, which took place at a sports complex. Representatives from the SDIS (firefighters), the metropolis and the State (both within the area of risk management) were invited to witness how our barriers could help prevent flooding.

Below are some snapshots of the event. 

 And a short video clip

On display again was our NoFloods Flex Wall (far right), well suited for the heavy torrential downpours of rain so common in the warm climate of the Mediterranean (and elsewhere).

The demonstration in Aix was held on June 20th 2018. 

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