Køge Municipality Flood Protection Training And Certification

We recently trained and certified Køge Municipality on how to effectively and efficiently deploy their newly acquired NoFloods Watertubes, Flexwall Barriers and pumping equipment, at the Køge Marina North Beach, on Wednesday 25th October 2017.

David Konge, Environment Solutions COO, instructing the municipality team. We instructed and certified them in their orange "battledress" in theoretical and practical aspects of flood protection.

The presence of rain and strong winds provided the perfect environment for realistic training since our NoFloods Barriers are usually deployed before or during heavy storms. The goal for this exercise was hands-on deployment of our flood protection equipment.

Although one might think that filling elongated tubes with water is a relatively simple process, it can surprisingly be a frustrating task, especially if one lacks proper training. As our CEO, Anders Philipsen, who also participated in the training noted:

​The training can make the difference between failure and success. There is 80% likelihood of a disaster occurring outside normal working hours. In that situation, it's really important that everyone knows what to do. Planning is really important. We need to know where to start and where to end - we want a small team that takes care of our watertubes - so we can use our people as best as possible.

Anders Philipsen, Environment Solution CEO, inspecting a Flexwall Barrier.

He also pointed out the importance of training by noting the following during the exercise:

It took six men half an hour to get the pump started, filling up a water tube - it should merely be a matter of a few minutes. It turned out that the pump took in false air.

Christian Holmboe who was one of the ETK employees participating in the certification, had the following to say concerning the immense benefits he derived from the hands on training:

I have had much benefit from it. Last time during the storm Urd in January, we did not know how to use watertubes. And you learn best by doing it yourself. We had a little trouble getting the pump started - we had to shorten the hose, but when we first got it going, it worked fine. It really gives good pumping value for the money - he commented with a laugh.

Christian Holmboe, one of the ETK employees who participated in the training and certification.

Michael Munk, tactical leader in the event of natural disasters in Køge, was also pleased with the outcome of the training and certification.

We also presented them with videos of previous flood emergency situations where our NoFloods Barriers were deployed. Although Michael hopes such events will never happen in Køge, he welcomed the improved preparedness of his crew by noting:

"It has been good and fun to try. Now the guys have tried to deploy them with their own hands, but that's not enough. We need to assess how many of our people are to be certified. We need to have more people through the certification process, and we need to repeat the exercises to maintain our preparedness".

All in all, the municipality team agreed with our NoFloods view that hands-on training makes a difference between success and failure in flood protection – as in many other aspects of life. 

View more images of the event below.

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