Yesterday saw the successful completion of Sécurité Civile's annual flood prevention training exercise, where the NoFloods Barriers were deployed.

The training took place outside the beautiful medieval town of Sillé-le-Guillaume, a commune in the Sarthe department, in the region of Pays-de-la-Loire, in north-western France.

60 specially trained flood specialists were selected to deploy the large NoFloods TwinTube 125 PRO Barriers; the backbone of La Sécurité Civile's emergency equipment against flooding. 

You can view some images captured from the training below.  

The large dimensions of the TwinTube 125 PRO Barriers can easily be seen here.
NoFloods PRO Barriers – Perfect for long distance flood protection.
At the start of 2014, the cities of Dax and Mont de Marsan in the French region of les Landes were facing serious flooding. A dike alongside the train tracks in Mont de Marsan broke, and the floodwater threatened to paralyze train activities in and around the city. In response, the Sécurité Civile deployed 400 meters of the NoFloods Mobile Barrier which successfully held back the floodwater. Water that had already reached the train tracks was pumped out, allowing trains to continue operating without interruption.
NoFloods twin terminals are also part of La Sécurité Civile’s arsenal of flood protection equipment.
Another picture from Mont de Marsan in 2014, showing the rapid deployment of the NoFloods TwinTube 125 PRO Barriers.

Today will see yet another day of exercise with a select team of flood prevention specialists.