Hospital Protected From Flooding - Patients And Staff Rejoice

We at Environment Solutions take great pride in our job and a very important aspect of it involves training our customers on how to deploy the NoFloods BarriersOnly with adequate training can we be certain that the Barriers will be effective during the occurrence of flooding.

Throughout the years, we have trained many people and institutions from different parts of the world in the use of the NoFloods Barriers, and today we can attest to the fact that these trainings have been both productive and impactful.

In June 2018, our NoFloods Barriers were used in a real flood situation to protect the Alencon Hospital from flood water that was coming from river Sarthe (it runs through the city and close to the Hospital).

In a normal scenario, the Alencon Hospital would have been flooded forcing an evacuation of the facility with all the issues connected to a similar situation. 

However, thanks to the NoFloods Barriers, the hospital was neither flooded nor evacuated. We at Environment Solutions are proud of yet another success story of our barriers.

How It All Began

The area pictured below was selected from the local Flood Risk Plan as potentially vulnerable to flooding, and after purchase of 200 meters of NoFloods Barriers (boudins anti-crue), the Securité Civile made an in-loco simulation to ensure the best possible training to all the involved personnel, so that in case of danger, the deployment could proceed as fast as possible.

This picture is from a deployment training of our barriers at the Alencon Hospital, France, in 2016.

Below are more images of our NoFloods Barriers protecting the Alencon Hospital from flooding.

The Alencon Hospital case is a wonderful example of how taking proactive measures to protect against flooding can help avoid unnecessary damages. It should act as a call to action for all those areas in the world that are still not protected against flooding, and which in such an event would suffer huge losses. 

NoFloods Barriers Chosen To Prevent Flooding In Ne...
NoFloods Demo Tour: Combating Flooding In Italy

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