NoFloods Barriers Chosen To Prevent Flooding In New York’s West Side Yard Of Long Island Railroad

Flooding in New York City (NYC) has been a very costly and devastating event over the past couple of years. In fact, since the 17th century, a total of 84 tropical or subtropical cyclones have affected the city which lies along the East Coast of the United States.

One such scenario was in October 2012 when hurricane Sandy touched down in New York, and in particular, the Long Island Rail Road's West Side Yard (LIRR). Flood waters entered the LIRR West Side Yard but thankfully, all trains had been removed from the yard prior to the arrival of the storm.

Our US Partner Wins Contract To Provide NoFloods Barriers To Prevent Flooding in New York's LIRR West Side Yard

To help prevent a similar flooding in NYC and in particular the LIRR West Side Yard, Flood Control Barriers, LLC, our U.S. partner for our flood protection technology, has been awarded a contract to provide NoFloods barriers to the area.

According to Flood Control Barriers' CEO, Adam Wagner, the NoFloods flood protection barriers will provide almost one-quarter of a mile of perimeter protection for this location. Deployment Specialists from Flood Control Barriers, LLC, will personally train the Long Island Railroad personnel so that the barriers can be installed and deployed at the first sign of flooding threat. 

A past exercise held in UK with Network Rails (owner and infrastructure manager of most of the rail network in Great Britain)

Why Our Products Are Best Suited To Prevent Flooding In New York's LIRR Area

We at Environment Solutions ApS have in our 18 years of experience protected assets well worth over €200 Million, and in turn replaced the use of 6 million sandbags – that's a lot of sand and manhours :)

Our growth has come as a result of using cost effective flood protection products that are designed, tested and manufactured to extremely high standards. This means that they provide flexible, strong and dependable flood protection for people, critical infrastructure and the environment.

Therefore, Flood Control Barriers, LLC, our U.S. partner, has the best flood protection technology to prevent flooding in New York today, and in particular, the West Side Yard of Long Island Railroad.

In 2013 we protected a GAS plant from flooding in Hungary - protecting critical infrastructure is what we do best.

The NoFloods Twin Tube PRO configuration is comprised of one layer of weave patterned polypropylene for strength and one layer of polyethylene for water tightness. The terminals used to begin and end the barriers are made of forged aluminum from which the barriers are filled.

Over one-quarter of a mile of a barrier can be filled from one single access point. Longer barriers are created utilizing strong aluminum junctions. This combination creates a puncture-resistant, light-weight, reusable barrier that can easily be removed, transported, and stored after the flooding threat has passed.

For shorter spans of protection, NoFloods Twin Tube BASIC is available in lengths from 16.5 feet to 82 feet. Both the BASIC and PRO models are available in heights ranging from 20 inches to 79 inches, and they have just introduced their XL 250 PRO tubes that provide 100 inches of installed height.

The combination of flexibility, lightweight, and innovative technology allow NoFloods barriers to conform to the geography of most locations. 

Come Meet Us Before or After The Training

We shall be in New York from 12th to 14th September to train and instruct LIRR personnel in the use of our NoFloods Barriers.

It would be a great opportunity for anyone interested in protecting their community or infrastructure from flooding to schedule a meeting with us. 

We are proud to have our flood protection barriers being chosen to help protect against flooding in New York's LIRR area. We hope to see you there!  

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Monday, 08 March 2021

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