Flooding in Italy happens to be a costly and devastating event that affects cities, destroys infrastructure and even risks the lives of those affected.

Like many other countries around the world, Italy still uses sandbags as the preferred solution to combat floods – it's believed to be the best solution. 

While there is a widespread misconception that sandbags are cost effective (not so compared to the NoFloods Barriers), their broad ineffectiveness to protect property against flooding is also quite alarming.

Flash floods in Italy cause huge damages to homes and critical infrastructure. Various institutions in the country have realized that it's in everyone's best interest to invest in modern and more effective flood protection solutions.

Three demonstrations were carried out in July 2018 in 3 cities in the North of Italy, namely; Murano, Pisa and Biella. An extremely positive feedback was gathered in all 3 cities where demos of our various flood barriers showcased how flash flooding in Italy can be handled.

Here's how our demo in Murano went:

 In Pisa

And in Biella

Geographical features in Italy are extremely different from one place to another, therefore different flood protection solutions can be used depending on the terrain and situation.

Where there are long and still rivers that have minor flooding over long distances, our 60 cm tubes can be used. Places where the biggest issue is flash floods from the mountains that brings huge amounts of water very fast to the valley, our 125 cm tubes can help make the difference.

Irrespective of the flooding situation, it has been recognized that the NoFloods barriers could be successful in protecting people, critical infrastructure and the environment. 

Additional product information was requested by several attendees during the three demos and price quotations have also been requested more than once.

We are very excited about the possibility of providing flood protection solutions during flooding in Italy to help protect the citizens, critical infrastructure and the environment.