NoFloods Demo "Tour de France" Kicks Off

Our 2018 summer season kicked off with various new activities including product demonstrations in several countries throughout Europe.

We've received many requests from different institutions and we couldn't be more proud of how our demo-tour has begun!

Our first demonstration was held in Thourotte Municipality, northern of France, on 11th June. 

In the past relevant authorities have been faced with the challenge of severe flooding from Canal latéral á l'Oise - a canal that goes through the city, and which during flooding causes havoc to both people and properties closest to it.

To help them protect the city more effectively during flooding, the Department of Fire and Rescue Service requested a demonstration of our NoFloods barriers

Attendees from the Department, a local city, and a representative from a company involved with major risk management were very satisfied by the demonstration. They all showed a positive interest in the NoFloods barriers as a solution for protection against flooding.  

Below you can get a glimpse of how the event went.

Our Partnership In France

For more than a decade, Environment Solutions has developed a close partnership with La Sécurité Civile, the French civil protection agency, who based on multiple test and retests, are extremely satisfied with our NoFloods Barriers.

La Sécurité Civile has chosen our NoFloods Barriers as their primary solution for flood protection in France.

Below you can see photos of the NoFloods Barriers deployed by the Sécurité Civile in the cities of Redon and Pontivy among others.

The issue of serious flooding has attracted attention from the political establishment in France at the topmost level. 

Here, the French Minister of the Interior (brown jacket), witnesses a demo exercise of our flood barriers deployed for our customer, Radio France, in Paris in 2016.  

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