NoFloods Temporary Cofferdam

Early 2018, the Noflood Barriers were used to make a dry work area (temporary cofferdam) on the coastline of Taarbæk, Denmark. The deployment took place during freezing temperatures, chilly wind conditions and near freezing sea temperatures.

The project was carried out for and in cooperation with Barslund A/S, one of the leading contracting companies in Denmark with over 35 years of experience in the construction and supply industry. 

Barslund needed to make excavations for repairs to an underground pipeline at the shoreline, but the proximity to the sea posed a big challenge - the dig would be flooded unless precautionary measures were taken.

For this purpose the NoFloods Water filled Barriers were chosen to form a temporary cofferdam and enable a dry work area.

The NoFloods temporary cofferdam (pictured above) consists of a NoFloods TripleTube 125 PRO with membrane, and a NoFloods FlexWall used as a secondary line of defense inside the temporary cofferdam.

Here's how the NoFloods TripleTube looks like when stacked together. 

About the construction area: it was named "Bomb-ground" because German troops during World War II bombed a house on the ground suspected of being used by the Danish Freedom Fighters.

You can view more pictures below. 

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