Post Flooding - Back To Normal In Just Hours

3 men removing a 200-meter barrier section (480.000 kg when filled) in just a few hours! 

Imagine the resources needed if this was sand bags…?

Compared to sandbags and big bags – the NoFloods Barriers has proven its efficiency and reliability over and over during several storm surges.

Within the first 14 days of 2019, the barriers were deployed at several locations to protect people and critical infrastructure from potential devastation. One of the key advantages of the Barrier is its easy deployment and subsequent removal. 

​By comparison, you only use 0.5% of the resources used to install sandbags. Once deployed and filled with water, it's resistant to storms and has a protection height of 80 cm minimum.

Talking about "Manpower, Health and Safety", would you prefer to move 30,000 heavy sandbags by hand when you can use machine power, simple techniques and a few trained men to monitor the process?

The former is bad news for peoples back but the latter is good news for volunteers and emergency agencies :)

For more information regarding our Nofloods Barriers, please contact us at or

NB. You can use any vehicle like a tractor, telescope leader or similar.

The video below (from a previous flooding) shows how the NoFloods Barrier can be easily removed after flooding has been averted.

Making Thailand Resilient To The Next Flood
NoFloods Barriers Official Demo Tour To Help Preve...

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Monday, 17 February 2020

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