Environment Solutions Presents Solutions To Combat Flooding In Italy

Flooding in Italy has in the past resulted in the destruction of homes, infrastructure and even loss of lives.

We recently visited the iconic and scenic Southern European country to showcase our line of flood protection technology in an effort to help them become more prepared against future flooding.

Last year we visited the region and did three successful demos and this year we took things a notch higher by doing four demos in 3 areas, namely; Emilia Romagna, Marche and Abruzzo.


Our First Stop: Emilia Romagna

We decided to do two demos in Emilia Romagna since the region is vast and is the most affected by flooding in the whole of Italy due to the presence of the river Po together with its tributaries. 


Flooding seriously affects the region and they still use sandbags in the few instances where they implement flood defenses.

We had our first demo in Bologna on 11th March and our second demo in Reggio Emilia on 12th March (these are areas in Emilia Romagna).

In Bologna, an employee of the civil protection office was present while we were deploying the NoFloods Barriers and he appreciated just how easy and fast the entire deployment process was.

He afterwards shared with the director of the Civil Protection Center just how fast the deployment of our flood barrier was, mentioning that we were able to mount the tubes in 10 minutes being just two people!

In Reggio Emilia, the director of the Civil Protection Center wanted to have the demo carried out with only air (the tubes filled with air instead of water), but we took the opportunity to show them just how easy and fast it is to mount the tubes.

We deployed everything before the presentation, setup the Alu Barrier, FlexWall and deployed the tubes, but we only attached three terminals. We attached the fourth terminal during the practical presentation as everyone watched. They were quite impressed by how easy the process seemed and how fast we were able to move.

The regional civil protection in the area made an online article about the demo event that you can read here


Our Second Stop: Marche

Our 3rd demo was in Ancona in Marche on 13th March 2019. We deployed our NoFloods water tubes in the regional civil protection warehouse and many attendees were already present from the beginning.

While at the beginning they were just watching, a few of them got invited to assist in the deployment process, receiving a small training under close supervision of our staff.

Below are some images from our demo in the region.


Our Third And Final Stop: Abruzzo

We concluded our fourth demo on 15th March 2019 in L'Aquila, the largest, most mountainous and least densely populated province of the Abruzzo region of Southern Italy. It is still in the process of rebuilding 10 years after a deadly earthquake.

A representative of ANAS attended the demonstration and was during the demo extremely eager to find a solution to a flood problem he had. We are currently following up on that. 


Below are some images from our demo in the region.


How Did It All Go?

The feedback in all four of our demos was extremely positive and all the attendees got to see just how easy and convenient the NoFloods Barriers are as a flood control system.

Some even got a chance to practically deploy the NoFloods Barriers water tubes and have a first-hand experience of how easy and fast it is to work with the barriers.

In all cases, it has been appreciated just how convenient it is to deploy the barrier and how it is possible to build a long and effective flood protection in just a few hours.

Those in attendance started thinking about possible locations where the NoFloods Barriers could be useful in their own territories, and we will soon follow up to see if we can actually be able to help them protect their people, infrastructure and environment, like we have done many times before all over the world.

We hope that our recent demo tour will help to prevent flooding in Italy, one region at a time.

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