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The Challenge - Bury A Cable In Wetland

​During the construction of a Wind Farm, Zenviron Pty deployed the NoFloods Barriers. 

The barriers created a dry work area within an existing lake and wetlands area to allow for trenching and installation of a High Voltage (HV) buried cable.

The Solution - 110m/330 ft. Water Filled Barrier

After looking at several cofferdam solutions, they contacted us and we quickly delivered our "NoFloods PRO Barriers"

About 110 meters of the barriers were quickly and easily deployed across the lake in one straight line.

The Barrier was filled with water within a few hours of deployment after which water was pumped from the "dry" to the "wet" area creating a dry work area for the trenching works. 

The Results - Time & Resources Saved 

Zenviron used the barriers to create a dry work area within the lake and wetlands area, to allow for trenching and installation of a High Voltage (HV) buried cable effectively. 

The entire works from deployment, filling, trenching and reinstatement was completed in under five days. The deployment of the barrier was easier and more effective than expected.

Here's a step by step walk-through of how they accomplished this:

Day 1

​3 men quickly and easily deployed 110m of the NoFloods Barrier in 4 minutes across the small lake then the tubes were filled with water in 2.5 hours.  

Day 2

​Water was then pumped from the work area in 5 hours to create a "dry" area so that trenching could begin.

Day 3

​​Trenching began in the dry work area of the lake.

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More Applications For The NoFloods Barriers

The NoFloods barriers can be effectively used for:

​​The NoFloods barriers have been used for different applications in USA, France, Germany, Thailand, Australia, Spain, Serbia, Romania Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Holland and 10 other countries.

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